No CAT “shat”

     My 2008 plans were pretty straight-forward. makes_eat_timeTo shun my “IT  Consultant” tag, and adopt a new one, “MBA Student”. But unfortunately, something went wrong. I don’t know what. I had applied for each and every entrance exam that I could lay my hands on. It cost me around 15K of my savings. But still, no pebbles were moved. No CAT “shat”. Don’t ask me about my future plans. It’s not that I don’t have any. Well, to be frank, I have lots. But the only problem that I can foresee at this point of time, is that I have so much to do, but so less time. I am on bench for the last 8 months, but I consider these 8 months as the busiest days of my life. I will tell you how. 1. I have to go to office daily, well, everyone does. But I go to office daily, twice – in the morning to swipe-in and again in the evening to swipe-out. 2. Since I am not in office most of the time, I have to search for a good restaurant to have my lunch. My search hasn’t ended yet. 3. It was in college, when I used to take afternoon naps. For the past 8 months, it has become a habit again. At-least 1 hour of afternoon sleep has become necessary for my body. 4. I have been working with my Laptop a lot, so that thing takes up the rest of my mornings. 5. And in the evenings I am busy again. 6. For dinner, its time for “Dinner Search”. There are no good places to eat near my house. And I don’t have a bike. I hate travelling in auto-rickshaws. So, this is how I have been keeping busy. I don’t get bored. But at times, I wish that I were into some project and keep myself busy in some other way. And this recession has sucked up all the new jobs that I would have been interested in. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. Last month, my laptop crashed. It took me 2 whole days to get it back to its own self. It has already crashed 4 times. Hahaha… What a way to keep oneself busy. I am desperately waiting for a significant change in my life, and it better come soon. Else, this post could be copy-pasted with some minor changes again. Keep watching!!!!

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  1. 'this post could be copy-pasted with some minor changes again'!!!!…


    i will copy paste my comment as well..(without any changes)!!!

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