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Bangalore has been a home for me for that last two years. But I still don’t possess a bike or a car and not even a bicycle. So, the only option for me to do all my traveling is either by BMTC buses or the Autorickshaws. Well, my office is not very far, I normally walk to and from the office (a total of 4kms of walking daily). Any Bangalorian would agree with me, that for short distances (

4 thoughts on “Try Us – Bangalore Autorickshaws

  1. I have been victim of these fierce, robust, shameless (I hate to use this word) autowallas many times. The irony is that even if you wish, you cant argue with them, bcoz You know…they are not going to pay any heed to it..And you have no chance…if you dont know Kannada…
    Still…good that you choose this topic…it needs widespread viewership.. 🙂

  2. Pyscho- really liked your write up .. the statements by autowalas have been captured wonderfully.. ! and yes i can understand ur plight.. after all u made me pick u up @ 12 in the night !!! get a bike and license for urself rather depending on the autowalas..!

  3. abe buddhe tera kaun wait karta hai be commercial pe???

    Commercial naam se to lag raha hai koi commercial female hi karti hogi??

  4. You have not mentioned the pain to get a auto in 20 minute for a distance of 15 minute… In bangalore auto'walas accept you like a prosti accept her customer… Poori shaan se n apni marji se…

    Hats off to ur writing

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