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I don’t remember when was the last time I had logged into Yahoo Messenger. Recently, I deleted my Orkut account. Duh….Feel so bad about it, but anyway, had to do what I had to do. I can feel the difference in my life without Orkut.
“When I open up my browser, I now always have to think for 2 minutes, which site I should go for. LOL….It had always been Orkut, but now, I don’t want to give the Googlers, no more “Ad-Revenues”. “
Well, isn’t “Blogger”, a trap by Google to earn more money just from “Ads”. And what about “Gmail”, “iGoogle”, etc, everything associated with Google also has those unwanted and un-friendly ads coming up before you.
But Google is flourishing, and so is its “Ads” business. And I am not against Google’s strategies or its sources of income. What I wanted to talk about actually was about “Yahoo Chat Rooms”. All these things about Google just surfaced inside my brain, and I thought I would club these thoughts with this post, thus reducing the number of blogs I write, and thus reducing Google’s revenue. LOL
Ok…Now about Yahoo Chat Rooms. Today, each and every chat room is contaminated with “BOTS” and only “BOTS”. What a place it used to be some 5 years ago. A perfect place for “Netizens” for perfect Time Pass.
A perfect place of anonymity: for youngsters who wanted to make new friends, video chat, voice chat and so on. I also tried all these for a few days, but it didn’t interest me much. But, there were lots of my friends who were completely addicted to these things. But when I logged into one of the rooms, I was horrified at what I was looking at. BOTs everywhere!!!…..It took me around one hour and lots of different rooms to find just 1 real person there….What a pity….Yahoo has lost this unique place on the NET to these damn BOTs.
With the “captcha” stunt also, Yahoo still hasn’t been able to fend off even a single BOT.
Please don’t log onto Yahoo chat rooms. If you ever happen to enter those rooms, just for a break, I would suggest you should stop looking for real people there. Rather, I found it quite funny and interesting to have a chat with BOTs. And if you want to make it a playground, just try separating the BOTs from the REALs based on your chat conversations with them. And if you happen to find a REAL one at-last, you will definitely feel ecstatic.
But what about Google? Google doesn’t have a chat room. Well, that is one of the things which Google doesn’t have and Yahoo does. Shouldn’t Yahoo try to make these chat rooms more “REAL” and keep its users before Google comes up something like this. Please Yahoo, try hard, before Google reads this post.

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  1. Hi.. You are bang on target. yahoo is not the place to hang out anymore..

    Hey and regarding the google ads…You have placed some on your site too 😛 😛 😛
    I have them on my blog too 🙂

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